LookingGlass Cyber Solutions™ is the leader inThreat Intelligence Analysis and Management, as well as threat correlation, mitigation and defense.

scoutvision-iconScoutVision™ Threat Intelligence Management

LookingGlass ScoutVision provides comprehensive and relevant actionable risk information, streamlining workflows, delivering threat indicator confidence, and dramatically increasing analyst efficiency and productivity. ScoutVision combines real-time global Internet intelligence with hundreds of correlated threat data feeds and summarizes in a powerful, yet intuitive, sharable workspace—enabling threat analysts, security operations, and incident responders to deliver both strategic and tactical guidance to their stakeholders.

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ScoutInterXect™ Network Telemetry

LookingGlass ScoutInterXect fuses internal enterprise network telemetry with real-time and historical ScoutVision global threat and Internet intelligence information.  This innovative blending of data delivers enhanced visibility for security forensics and faster incident response actions by security professionals.

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Global real-time botnet infections

LookingGlass Virus Tracker is a global botnet monitoring system, based on “sinkholes”: sensors that listen on the Internet for virus infections 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Virus Tracker has billions of historical infection records dating back to 2012 and identifies over 3 million new malware infections every day.


DNS Defender®

DNS is the perfect early warning system for advanced malware outbreaks, command and control communications, and spear phishing. Organizations spend millions to deploy cybersecurity measures, yet their most vulnerable infrastructure, DNS (Domain Name Service) is often left unprotected. DNS Defender protects organizations against DNS DDoS and protocol attacks and when integrated with ScoutVision delivers Dynamic Threat Defense against advanced malware domain resolution and targeted spear phishing attacks.

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Trusted Cyber Solution Orchestrator

LookingGlass Trusted Cyber Solution Orchestrator (TCSO) enables advanced security sensors to efficiently work together. It provides both traffic delivery to multiple 3rd party solutions, as well as block, redirect, or drop dangerous or suspect network traffic. When integrated with ScoutVision, TCSO delivers Dynamic Threat Defense against various network based intrusions and data exfiltration.

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Advanced malware is already in your organization. Find out why automation and integration are key to fighting threats.