Adaptive Intelligence

To enable the decision support process of prioritizing risk and focusing security resources, organizations must harness all-source threat intelligence and understand when and where threats intersect the Internet, enterprise and extended ecosystem.



Scout, a cyber knowledge-based threat intelligence system, transforms threat data into threat knowledge. The system’s foundation is a constantly updated cybermap, an accurate account of the enterprise and Internet’s underlying infrastructure, its connectivity and asset ownership.

The cybermap is enriched with millions of unique indicators of compromise. Scout is a highly distributed mutli-function system that applies context to threats enabling proactive security measures.

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Upcoming Events.

RSA 2015
Moscone Center, San Francisco CA
Apr 20th - Apr 24th

Georgetown University International Engagement on Cyber
Georgetown University Hotel & Conference Center, Washington DC
Apr 27th

Amsterdam 2015 FIRST Technical Colloquium
Amsterdam, Haarlerbergweg 13-19 Amsterdam
May 5th - May 6th

Awards & Memberships

  • Connect, Collect and Process

    Connects your organization to numerous data sources providing the foundation of your organization’s threat intelligence capabilities.

  • Explore, Pivot and Monitor

    Explore beyond your firewall. Pivot off areas of interest. Expand entire networks and internetworks. Monitor selected networks of interest for changes in connectivity and cyber risk .

  • Tag, Track and Report

    Tag and track networks and entities of interest. Integration and attribution of intelligence data with unstructured and structured security data. Specialized Reports and dashboards for intelligence views.